Two Farm Fresh Eggs With Links – Late Breakfast Edition

Order Up!

  • Phillies lost to the Giants in extra innings yesterday 4 -3 : [Highlights] [Recap: CSN - 700Level]
  • Doc is going under the knife, but someone else would be doing the surgery: [ - 700Level - Good Phight]
  • Great read by Tommy Lawlor about what the Eagles defense needs to do going forward
  • Lesean McCoy misses Andy, but has the hots for coach Kelly 
  • The Bleacher Report is already telling the Eagles where they screwed up in the draft without a snap of football being played
  • Sometime when Ed Snider speaks, you get a little more depressed
  • Sixers need to hire a president before they can hire a coach. Personally I still think they need players.
  • Eckel: Sixers need to draft defense. In other news oranges are orange.

What Else Ya’ Got?

  • Radio host goes off and tries to make people feel bad about the Red Wings, turns out he’s just an @$!%^@&

See you for our afternoon tea poll question!

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